Furniture Silicon Protection Cover


Elastic tension of silicone makes these covers suitable for various shapes of furniture legs! FLOOR PROTECTORS: Protects Both Chair Table Legs and Floor From Damage; Anti-Slip Bottom Pad Prevents Scratches And Noise Without Leaving Marks. The Flexible Silicone Box is Easy to Slip-On, Giving Chair Leg a Snug Grip Like a


  1. Posted by Chrooster758, — Reply

    I love how it says,”hurt carpet?” When they’re sliding the chair on a wooden deck 🤦‍♂️🤣 morons

  2. Posted by fromtheheart77, — Reply

    I'm sorry i just can't. You see the thing on the leg of chair... annoying.

  3. Posted by btdp325, — Reply

    I have some smaller covers like that... they’re wine bottle lids.

  4. Posted by blazemainnin, — Reply

    Friendly warning, these are not condoms!

  5. Posted by conpz19, — Reply

    Where can I find this?

  6. Posted by topazdino, — Reply

    Is it just one each?

  7. Posted by 0d08891d241c79383ac47b1ff88fdc, — Reply

    They do not work like shown, they stick to the floor do not slide

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